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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Foreman Crusher  
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator  
  Jarg and Sorno  
  Karagga the Unyielding  
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Guild News

Our Server

daisukeds85, Dec 12, 11 4:10 PM.
Team Rocket is now deployed and awaiting all members on the server Jedi Covenant. If your account is on THIS LIST then all you need to do is create an Empire character on the Jedi Covenant server and you will be prompted to join the guild during character creation.  If you do not get this option then you will need to start a character and /tell an Officer for your guild invite when you get into the game itself.

Launch Meeting

Phoenix_in_Flames, Dec 9, 11 5:56 PM.
Get ready to kick ass and take names ladies and gents, LAUNCH IS COMING!!!! As most of you may have guessed we plan on dominating and becoming one of the top guilds in star wars...(if not the very top) We have a launch meeting set up for the 20th so make sure you guys check the raid calendar and confirm. It is mandatory and you'll get some dkp for showing up. This is the first step in making sure we're organized and ready to pwn, so please make sure you keep up on checking the raid calendar. I havent heard if they will be adding a calendar in game or not so for now we will be using this one as our main, so please get used to checking even though we will be giving times and dates in TS. Most of you are used to doing this for raids so there are no excuses =P  Thanks all and we'll see you soon!!!!!!!


Phoenix_in_Flames, Dec 8, 11 4:31 PM.
All members must also fill out the application on the star wars website as well. This is MANDATORY! That means you HAVE to do it. Thanks all, and we'll see you at launch!!!   Also if you have friends that are interested in joining the guild just shoot me a message and we'll work on it. =)

Team Rocket Is Ready For Blast Off!

daisukeds85, Nov 29, 11 11:01 PM.
That's right Ladies and Gentlemen! Bioware has confirmed that Team Rocket has met all of the requirements for the guild pre-launch program and we are good to go!
Team Rocket is currently recruiting the following:
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Bounty Hunter
Mercenary (4)
Powertech (5)
Imperial Agent
Operative (5)
Sniper (5)
Sith Inquisitor
Assassin (5)
Sorcerer (4)
Sith Warrior
Juggernaut (4)
Marauder (5)
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